About Me

Capture The Moment Photography was established by Randy Kee in 2018.


With more than 9 years of experience in the field, he has purposefully polished his craft to develop a unique approach of presenting his photographs to the masses. During the years behind the camera, he came to realize that a precious and candid moment was fleeting and a challenge to capture. He was then inspired to capture those precise moments before it went away. To broaden his skill set he was also awarded the Specialist Certificate of Conceptual People Photography & Certificate In Studio Photography in Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts.


For this reason, Capture The Moment Photography is committed to present real, candid and priceless moments that you will look back on with joy.

ps: I would rather the picture tell a story to it than just a simple picture

© 2020 By Randy Kee

Based in Singapore

ACRA Registered: 53382796E

Contact Number: (+65) 8399-3271 

Booking Enquiry: ctmoment.photos@gmail.com 

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